Open Application for Roles in the Europe

Reference: MG020519E

Expiry Date: 07-12-2019

Categories Biotech, Clinical Research, Manufacturing / Production, R & D, Regulatory Affairs

Salary: Competitive

Job Type: Full Time


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Open Application for Roles in the Europe

Thank you for opening this role. You might have received this hotlink from one of our Talent Leads asking you to register on our web site and we thank you for your consideration.

This web site allows you to apply to multiple roles without filling in the same forms for each one. You can log in and out as many times as you like, and see a private record of which roles you have applied to.

As important to us, as giving you this flexibility, is our mission to be compliant with the new European regulation, which protects how we share, store and redact your private information.

This legislation was passed in the European Union and came into force in 2018.

This legislation is called the General Data Protection Regulation and this gives specific legal and financial penalties for companies which flout this regulation, share your data without your permission or store data without your knowledge. This web registration protects you and our company as you can apply, register, de-register at any time, with your own log-in.

Our internet web site is fully encrypted, and not accessible to clients or customers.

You also have the following legal rights according to the GDPR legislation:-

  • Right to be forgotten (deleted), ie, all your data and CV information will be deleted within 48 hours
  • Right to know what information we keep about you
  • The right to question a Single Point of Contact on any queries you have on how your data is stored or processed
  • A specific investigation SOP if you are unhappy with anything.

Your application is secure with us. We thank you for applying and look forward to working with you.


To Apply!

To apply for one of the vacant roles, please call Matt on +44 207 801 3380 or send your CV with a covering note to, or alternatively register on this website.

GDPR & Data Protection: Your information is safeguarded for GDPR, and you will have the right to edit, amend or delete and ’’be forgotten’’ at any time after your initial registration.

We provide a high level of service because we believe this matters.