How we handle your data

Privacy Policy & General Data Protection

This Privacy Policy document covers:-

  • General Data Protection Regulations and your job application process
  • General Terms
  • Types of information we store with your consent
  • How we use your data after consent?
  • How long do we keep your data for?
  • How to ask for a Right to be Forgotten
  • Our Data Protection Officer’s contact information and email address
  • Acceptance of this Privacy Policy document


General Data Protection Regulations and Your Job Application Process

ADV Talent Partners and our associated companies, “Company”, are registered in the European Union for Data Protection and are providing you this “Privacy Policy” document for you to consent to. By consenting you will enable us, the Company, to capture, store, and process your personal information for the specific purposes of identifying and securing for you, new job opportunities and to enable us to process your details for any Permanent, Temporary or Contract positions you want to apply to.

This Privacy Policy is relevant for your use of the Company website and our collaboration with you for the above purposes and with your consent, the sharing of your personal data with the customers you ask us to apply to on your behalf.

This Privacy Policy also documents our data protection policy, your rights as a job applicant is defined under the General Data Protection Regulation “Regulation” as a “Data Subject” in respect of all or any of your personal data.

General Terms

The Company has more than one office in Europe, so we share data internally with our different offices in different countries from one central database, so the Company is defined in the Regulation as a Data Controller (collects data from EU citizens) and a Data Processor (processes data on behalf of the Data Controller).

A Data Subject is any individual acting in a private capacity, in this case for a job application process, or an individual acting on behalf of a corporate body or legal entity.

The General Data Protection Regulations defines Personal Data as any information relating to an identified or identifiable Data Subject.

The Company will collect with your consent, as the Data Subject, your personal details and any relevant information required to process your job application.

Types of Information we store with your consent

  • Contact information including but not limited to name, address, email address and telephone number(s)
  • Your CV including but not limited employment history, education, qualifications, professional registrations / certifications and information about you provided in your CV or that you complete in any application form
  • Details of your skills, competencies and capability
  • Information about citizenship, visa status and right to work in Europe or the UK and a relevant form of Identification
  • In some cases, declarations on criminal record and other background checks
  • If a temporary employee, UK Tax Code and NI number or outside the UK any payroll information
  • Details of those you provide as emergency contacts
  • Information provided about you in references
  • Salary, package and financial information (but not including your bank details unless we are paying expenses) as well as tax-related information, benefits you receive, car, stock plans, etc
  • Your Login details required for use of our website
  • History of the Company web site access by you but not including IP Address


How we, the Company, use your data after consent? 

  • To register you on our internal database according to EU and any governing national laws
  • To share your CV and personal details between our internal Talent Engagement teams
  • To run a database search to match you to a job description, or job specification
  • To identify your contact details and contact you by phone or email to explain a role to you
  • To answer or respond to an email or job application from the Company website
  • To store any email from you or from us to you, or from a client about you
  • To prepare you for an interview or job offer process
  • To store your Visa status or citizenship status, by storing or sharing your ID card with an prospective employer or if organizing flights, a travel agency (we store IDs for only 1 year)
  • For reference checking, or sharing of reference data with a customer
  • For processing temporary employee or sub-contract contracts between our client, and you and for processing payments or payroll
  • On an anonymized basis, for metrics or internal KPIs
  • On an anonymized basis, for database management or web site management
  • On an anonymized basis, for internal audits for ISO or for any government agency reporting basis


How long do we keep your data for?

  • The Company keep your data for 2 years if you have registered through the Company Web Site
  • The Company keeps your data on LinkedIn for an indefinite period if you have sent your CV or contact information through LinkedIn
  • After 2 years, if you did not apply through LinkedIn, your record will be flagged for deletion, you will be emailed twice successively to ask if you would like to extend the period of consent for another 2 years, if you do not reply, your record will be expunged (deleted) from our database and your name and email address will be placed on a deleted records list which is only accessible by our Data Protection Officer
  • If you have requested a Right to be Forgotten, your name only will be placed on a Right to be Forgotten list.

How to ask for a Right to be Forgotten

  • If you registered through the Company website, you can login at any time and on your personal dashboard, select, "Delete my account and data"
  • If you registered though LinkedIn, please email the Data Protection Officer who will manually delete your LinkedIn record
  • In most cases, whether you registered by email, or through the Company website then your database record will be expunged and the Data Protection Officer will confirm this to you in writing by email or by mail, if email is no longer possible
  • If you have sub-contracted for us, or been one of the Company’s temporary employees, we will still retain and keep those part of the records required by us under governing national law, for example on tax, payment or payroll purposes
  • For any other questions, please contact the Data Protection Officer

How to ask for access to your own records

  • If you registered through the Company website, you can login at any time and ask for a copy in a text file, of your own personal data stored on the web site, select, "Request my data" - you will also receive a supplemental record showing any other information held on our database
  • If you registered by email, please send an email to the Data Protection Officer who will, outside holidays and national holidays, aim to provide you with a full response within 72 hours
  • If you applied through LinkedIn, you can already see what has transpired through your messages inbox, but in case of any questions, please contact our Data Protection Officer
  • If you called to register by telephone and then sent us no information, we are unable to provide you with any records
  • If you live outside the EEA, or in the USA, please contract our Data Protection Officer
  • If you applied for a job by email and received an email marked “We have not registered you”, then your CV and email have been deleted and we are unable to provide you with any record other than the record of your request to access your own records.

General Clause

Where you, as a Data Subject object to the Company processing personal data based on its legitimate interests, the Company shall cease such processing forthwith, unless it can be demonstrated that the Company’s legitimate grounds for such processing override the data subject’s interests, rights and freedoms; or the processing is necessary for the conduct of legal claims.

The Company reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy at any time to allow the proper operation of the Company website. We will make reasonable efforts to notify you of any changes. The changes will apply to the use of the Company website after we have given notice. If you do not wish to accept the new Privacy Policy please discontinue the use the Company website. If you continue to use the Company website after the date on which the change comes into effect, your use of the Company website indicates your agreement to be bound by the current Privacy Policy.


Our Data Protection Officer’s contact information and email address

For any queries in relation to this Privacy Policy, for Right to be Forgotten Requests, including Deletions, general enquiries, or to ask for access to your own records please contact, Oli Dimitrov, +359879888635 or by email to – we aim to reply within 72 business hours, outside Christmas and summer vacation times.

Acceptance of this Privacy Policy document

By clicking the box, and then pressing Accept, you accept our Privacy Policy and if you are applying for a role, you give consent according to this Privacy Policy document. By revoking your consent you will find some sections of the website inaccessible, and your details and applications will not be processed.